3 Secrets to Restaurant Quality Scrambled Eggs

I have several tips that can dramatically improve your scrambled eggs at home. These pointers will give you creamy, rich, soft and moist eggs that can be used for any breakfast or brunch, or any other time you like. You will not need any special equipment or ingredients for this, just eggs, butter, salt and pepper. Please read below for my three secrets to perfect scrambled eggs. Enjoy!

#1 Add Water to Your Eggs

After you break your eggs into a bowl, add about 1/2 tablespoon of water per egg. Then beat the eggs normally with a fork or whisk. Be careful to not overdo it, the yolks and whites do not have to be mixed completely smooth. Usually a quick whisk around a minute or so is all that is needed.

#2 Cook Over Medium Heat

Using a sauté pan, pre-heat to a medium heat. Using 1 tbsp of butter for every four eggs, melt the butter in the pre-heated pan. You do not want the pan to be as hot as you would for a fried egg; there should be no sizzle when the egg mixture is poured in. This keeps the eggs from cooking too quickly and becoming over cooked. Continually stir while the eggs are in the pan, do not let them set up like an omelette. This low heat and constant stirring cooks the eggs with steam and keeps them to a very soft, creamy texture. This should only take about three minutes from start to finish

#3 Season After Cooking

Always add salt, pepper and any herbs after the eggs are cooked. Seasoning before or during cooking always seems to get lost and I end up seasoning more at the end anyway. This also makes it easier to not over-season, which is easy to do if you add it in earlier.

These tips will add a much softer, richer texture and flavor to your scrambled eggs. I have in the photos eggs prepared with all the above tips on toast with Dijon mustard, Muenster cheese and seasoned with salt, pepper and herbes de Provence. If you tried any of these tips I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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